Especially, during such a difficult & online year, it is time to adapt to the momentum. A long wish for shifting the focus to celebrating students' process instead of only competition is being fulfilled. The National Exposition leaves room for progress, but also celebrates result. To create an experience for projects to take the stage and represent their own project and show their pride.


We believe that with Enactus #WeAllWin, now with the concept we're embodying it as well. There is not a singular winner, there are multiple winners on a variety of topics & challenges.

Each day 70.000 global Enactus students show us that passion to do good, is stronger than anything. Adapting to the momentum, we aim to not only focus on the result but also leave room for the process. Enactus Netherlands is proud to introduce and invite you to the new concept of the National Exposition. 

Introducing this years National Exposition 2021 | Passion on Purpose!


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In 2021 the Netherlands National Exposition has a new concept. Get inspired by the most innovative and newest ideas of Enactus Netherlands in the Innovation Cup and check out the impact mady by our grown up projects in the Growth Cup.


A long wish to expose more projectteams, create a fair level playing field and not only focus on results but also on progress and potential is being fulfilled. With the people & planet league we want to create more diversity in the competition.


This year's theme is Passion on Purpose, because even in such turbulent times, passion triumphs. On the 4th of June there will be plenty of Passion shown. Did you know we like to reward our most passionate Enactus students each year? Take the opportunity to put someone in the spotlight who you think deserves it!


All Enactus Netherlands projects are open to enter the National Exposition of 2021. In a 2-min pitch video they will convince the public and an alumni-jury why they deserve the stage on the 4th of June. There, 12 finalists will take the stage and face an expert jury. More on the programming will follow soon! Make sure to check it out. 


Our 72,000 Global NextGen Leaders are passionate about making the oceans healthier, spoken word, circular economies, playing instruments, plant-based food, and much more. Plus, thousands of projects that bring greater economic inclusion to their communities.

And while they're making great impact on their communities, they're making an even greater impact on themselves. Becoming values-driven leaders, ready to lead their own businesses, or becoming intrapreneurs within some of the world's greatest companies.

We’re not passionate just because. We’re passionate on purpose.

At our Enactus National Exposition on the 4th of June and the Enactus World Cup 2021, experience NextGen Leaders and powerful thought leaders sharing stories of impact, talents and connecting to the intention of our passions—Passion on Purpose.

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Register now for the National Exposition on the 4th of June!

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