Purpose – a concept deeply rooted in the veins of Enactus. Each day you and your 70.000 global Enactus-colleagues show us that passion to do good, is stronger than anything.


This year’s National Exposition serves to do exactly that: showing the world your Passion on Purpose. 

On the 4th of June Enactus Netherlands will show their Passion on Purpose. Get inspired by a program that shows the voice of the future and expect to feel the vision of Enactus. If you don't want to miss out on anything, make sure to register!

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  for the first time in Enactus Netherlands history...  

Prestigious awards to individuals and teams

At Enactus we want to celebrate your achievements and also stimulate progress.
We believe that there is more that defines success.
In 2021 there were multiple awards to be won individually and on a team level.


Alumnus of the Year


The importance of our alumni-network is something we do not hide: their experience with Enactus and in the current work-field is of great value for all Enactus teams. Each year this award highlights the work and commitment of one of our alumni. 


Board of the Year

powered by Ahrend

We recognize, see and feel the spirit of all of our boards working hard to reach the next level with their teams. This award serves to celebrate just that!


Ron Jansen Spirit

powered by Ebbinge

“You can only lead an enterprise or organization if you can lead yourself and if you are aware of your own leadership skills” – Ron Jansen, in memoriam (1969 – 2018)


As a former NL-boardmember Ron meant a lot for Enactus – he was a great inspiration and a driving force behind our organization. In his spirit we created this special award.